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RENY: Perfect combination of great benefit and small coin.

This is our „basic program“: All our flexibility, natural purity and even low cost in one range. RENY is the perfect symbiosis of  ecology and economy – offering the best from both worlds!

How is that? Well, when it comes to nature we comply with stringent ecological standards, as can be expected by a company such as ours. RENY is a range of pure cotton fabrics!

Then there is the matter of  flexibility. We have a wide range of colours with more than 20 colour standards to choose from. Plus a variety of options for  processing or use. Our product range includes baby blankets or throws, spreads for yoga or as give-away. RENY has more than only one face. And more than just one resource: The basis for our RENY-products are specially purchased lots of raw material – this enables us to respond quickly both to customer-specific and market demands and ensures the delivery of qualities at unbeatable prices.

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