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„There is no good, except you do it“ – here is a case in point:

All our home-textiles are certified in accordance with ecotex product class 1. Since 1995 our production is subject to the stringent standards set by the IVN (International Association of the Natural Textile Industry). Since 2012 our products are GOTS certified.

Why? Because numerous first-class certificates are evident proof of our quality assessment and our reliability. They are also an indication of our self-perception as driver and innovator. With every certificate we want to show you that we are willing to accept responsibilities ... we care for our environment, our employees and last but not least for our customers.

All our quality certificates are an acknowledgment of the easy-care of our products, the sustainability of our raw materials, the absolutely reliable natural purity and the robust manufacture of all our blankets.

Or to look at it from a different angle: You can just feel the premium quality of our products.