More appreciation
for nature

In the production of our blankets and overlays, we pay special attention to a particularly sustainable and responsible value chain that not only conserves nature’s resources, but is also good for people. The demand for a high-quality product is also reflected in the selection and use of our certifications. They offer orientation, security and trust in a less than transparent world.

We pay special attention to the careful selection of our raw materials. For our natural products, the cotton comes from controlled organic cultivation and is processed and certified according to the strict guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well as the specifications of Oeko-Tex Standard product class 1.

Thanks to independent seals of approval, you can be sure: Our blankets and overlays are free from chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment – such as heavy metals, formaldehydes, chlorinated benzenes, pesticides, azo dyes and more.


The good
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It is our concern to meet the high demands of our customers, which is why we are always looking for sustainable solutions to add value to our high-quality products. Thus, we not only pay attention to the careful selection of high-quality raw materials, conscientious processing and the use of credible certifications, but also consciously choose partners from the region. In this way, we manage to keep the economic cycles – if possible – at home.

Cooperation with German – or in the regenerate sector with European – partners not only minimizes CO2 consumption due to short transport routes, but also creates a fully traceable supply chain – from the origin of the fiber to the finished product.


Ecological and social
Responsibility along the supply chain

The Code of Conduct is a common code of conduct for responsible behavior in the sectors of the German textile and fashion industry. It is based on internationally established benchmarks and covers the principles and standards of conduct relevant to the industry.

Companies are supported in fulfilling their social, ecological and ethical responsibilities in their actions, but are also encouraged to uphold the principles towards people and nature. In doing so, the company pays attention not only to internationally recognized human rights and labor standards as well as ecological responsibility for the protection of the environment, climate and animal welfare, but also to fair and ethical business practices towards employees, partners and customers.


Attachment to the homeland
means quality

For us, sustainability also means manufacturing products with uncompromising quality and thus giving them a long service life. In order to manufacture such favorite pieces, we adhere to important prerequisites: The use of first-class materials, the utmost care and uncompromisingness along the entire value chain, and strict quality control.

All our blankets and overlays are manufactured by our motivated employees at our site in Bocholt – from development, weaving and raising to finishing and shipping. Pure dedication, professional competence and our experience of more than 50 years are in every product that leaves our production.